Anger & Anxiety

In 2011, one of the basic reasons that I was attracted to yoga was that I was trying to let go of so much anger.  My husband and I lost nearly everything we owned or had ever invested in and I was so angry and disappointed with life.  However, I knew that I needed to find a way to deal with this, or eventually anger would destroy my life.  I was enlightened enough to understand that the path that I was on was not a good one and certaintly not conducive for a peaceful future.  Thus my journey began,

Anger, that takes up your mindset, not only has a extreme power on the outcome of your day but, it has a direct correlation to heart disease and chronic illness.  The Bible says, “To think on good things.”  My mother used to say, “Find gratitude in every day.”    With understanding of these two basic ideologies of proper mindset and each yoga practice beginning with the instructor requesting that every student set “an intention” for the practice, my intention in the beginning months was always the same, “please help me to release this anger.”   Then another instructor would begin by asking for us to set an intention for ourselves and for someone else.  My intention then changed to “please help me let go of this anger and also heal so and so, from whatever ailment was having a grip on a friend.”

As time continued, my anger released and my intention became all-inclusive and much larger than myself.  These concepts became an everyday mantra of my practice and of my day.  My intention became — “May all the leaders in all the world, bring peace and freedom to all people, in all nations.”   So, I have GROWN and gratitude fills each day.

~ Namaste


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I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Business and Wellness Coach. I teach people to get into the Best Shape of their Lives, to take control of their Health and learn how to Heal from the Inside Out and the Outside in. My clients learn how to stand a little taller, walk a little lighter, breathe a little deeper, stretch a little further and reach higher than they ever thought possible. My clients not only find inner peace but have the courage to live the life they always wanted.

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