Breathe …. just breathe

Many times in a yoga or pilates class you hear the words, “breathe…just breathe.”  But what does this really mean?   In yoga, the breath is one of the most healing aspects of the practice.  The pranayama, the warrior breath begins with a full inhalation through the nose and a conscienscous full exhalation also through the nose.

The pairing of this pranayama with movement aids in the detoxification of the body and allows for clarity of the mind.  Typcially, the body moves up on the inhale and with intention, moves downward on the exhale.

Throughout the practice, the mind should control the breath, being consistently aware of how the spine is moving and how we are guided in throughout the movement.   As this continues, we begin to feel the practice from the inside out.   This also allows us to adapt to physical conditions and manage the movements in such a way that a stick neck loosens, a pain in the lower back seizes, and energy begins to awaken.

This warrior breath becomes an awakening of the spirit, a automatic subconscious way of being.

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I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Business and Wellness Coach. I teach people to get into the Best Shape of their Lives, to take control of their Health and learn how to Heal from the Inside Out and the Outside in. My clients learn how to stand a little taller, walk a little lighter, breathe a little deeper, stretch a little further and reach higher than they ever thought possible. My clients not only find inner peace but have the courage to live the life they always wanted.

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